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2005, color video, Stop motion film, approx. 60min.

Written by GREGORY PETITQUEUX(France) and TUIA CHERICI (Italy).

Creation, editing and sound: Gregory Petitqueux

Collaboration in the creation : Tuia Cherici

Independant production.

Stop-motion film, carried out with puppets and scenery.

Sound without dialogue.

Legnth: approx. 60 min.

Created in S-Vhs, miniDV and super8.

Gramma is a puppet of iron, wood and bolts. He lives among bizzare fauna in a deserted, sterile and arid world beneath a cloudless sky. In this desolate land, signs and traces of a long lost civilization have survived.

Even the astronomical configuration of this environment seems to have been disturbed: the night begins when the moon covers the sun and ends when it departs. Every evening, when the eclipse creates a tempest of lethal and unatural light, Gramma darts home seeking refuge.

There he waits, in his laboraratory, for the cataclysm to pass and the night to arrive, finally to proceed in the creation of his projects…